Mini sirana OPG Gračaković Mini sirana OPG Gračaković slika preuzeta sa portala "Put pod noge"

Mini Dairy family farm "Gračaković" from Stara Subocka

One of the most successful farms in the area of Novska is owned by the family of Mark Gračaković from Stara Subocka. They process about 250 acres of land and are engaged in the breeding of cows.

The whole family lived for years on agricultural production but all calculations told them that they had to go to the final product. On their farm they lived from milk production and, more recently processing milk into cheese. Part of the milk is still sold to "Dukat" while about 150 liters a day is going for making cheese.

They believe that they will quickly achieve better market conditions for the sale, to achieve a recognizable brand quality before entering the European Union and further enrich the gastronomic and tourist offer on the property.

They can be reached by telephone: +385 44 612 020, by mobile: +385 99 8024 244 or you can give them a visit on this address: Stara Subocka 142, 44330 Stara Subocka

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